As we covered briefly in our last post, a lot of the art in Backworlds is built up from masks with outline and filler channels. Pattern textures with varying colors making these masks a little more lively.
Painting Backworlds
Today, we have a few pictures of how some of these patterns were created, a somewhat more analog way of creating game art than either of us had tried before.
Tools of the tradeWhen we started experimenting with our current art style, we quickly came to realize that having access to a large set of different patterns would be helpful in determining a good overall texture theme of the patterns. The goal at this point was to create a bunch of different watercolor patterns with the above tools. In short – all the fun of nursery school but with a scientific purpose to make it feel worthwhile.
Funky colorsSome of these patterns are pretty out there and it quickly became apparent that they would be too busy or too  artificial to be useful for anything good. A good part about working with colors the way we do is that the basic colors used did not matter as much as there being a difference in hue between them.
Creating treasure mapsIn addition to the watercolors, we used the old trick of letting sheets of paper bathe in old tea and coffee to make it appear aged. The texture of these  were a lot more subtle and – as we found out – more suitable for objects that had a lot of outline detail in them.
ExamplesFinally, a small selection of some of our results. Our biggest findings from the painting endeavor was what kind of brush strokes looked good for different materials and we used this to create the actual patterns. Most of the prominent patterns used in the demo are made using different digital techniques, but we are occasionally grabbing them directly from the scanned images.

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