I have recorded myself working with the editor to show you all how a level comes from simply being lines and boxes of physics into the water-color world of Backworlds. It is a time-lapse running at a brisk pace and should give you a good idea of the process. Note that I did not prepare in any way making this, I just came up with something as I went along, however I did work with this particular theme for the demo. By the end of the video the level is in a “first-pass” state and is missing smaller details, particle effects and so on.

You will notice moments that seem like the video freezing, but it is actually just me selecting images from the editor menu (which pauses the game) and you can’t see the windows dialog for that in the video. Also there is a part of the creation process missing in the second video for some of the interior in the backworld, so you might notice a skip there.

Hope you enjoy watching!

Part 1 (Music: Final Fantasy VIII – Seasons OC Remix by Ziwtra)

Part 2 (Music: Final Fantasy X – A Fine Place to Live OC Remix by halc)

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