The Beginning

Welcome to the first post on the development blog for the game Backworlds! It will be both me and Anders doing updates and the intention is to have a mix of writing, video and podcasts. This first post will be about how the concept for this game came to be.

Me and Anders were working at the same game company and had an interest in independent games and game jams. So we decided to collaborate on something for a competition called Assemblee over at indie games community TIGSource. Now I was going to write a long story about this, but instead you can get a visual experience as there is a video recording of us presenting the original Backworld at the game jam No More Sweden in 2010. You can watch our awkward selves in the two part video below!

If you are curious about our prototype/competition entry, feel free to download either the Windows or OSX version and have a go. It is fairly crude in some aspects, but very much playable.

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