Taking A Break


Anders wrote a couple of weeks ago that I will be taking a break from Backworlds development and I just wanted to elaborate briefly on my reasons.

It comes down to two things and one of them is that I want to spend less time on my computer and more time enjoying other things. I started feeling a few years ago how taxing it is to work at a computer all day and continue doing it once I got home. Perhaps because of age and my body finally protesting, I don’t really know, but I’ve always been pretty good with getting exercise since I enjoy hiking and various sports.

The other thing is that in the past couple of years I’ve also lost excitement for playing any games at all. There are a few that had me hooked for a few weeks at a time but mostly I’ve had no craving to play. I also hardly follow any game or industry news anymore besides a couple of podcasts. I guess I just got burned out on the whole thing. Which makes me a bit sad, remembering how I got blown away back in 1999 when I first played Metal Gear Solid and knew that I wanted to be a game developer and worked towards that. Then playing World of Goo in 2008 and wanting to make indie games.

I may very well return to the project but for now I will keep on providing feedback and help out Anders with testing, but I leave it for him to continue taking the game in the direction he wishes and in the way he wants to do it. I want him to enjoy working on it, whatever that entails.

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