Six months later

Hello again! It has been a while – we had originally planned to post more immediately following the release of Backworlds in February, but then the pandemic happened and everything was cancelled. With everything that has happened since – both in the world and for us personally – it has taken us a while to gather our thoughts. Truth be told, writing here kind of fell off the map as well. But no more!

First, a note on the Indie MEGABOOTH – this was a while ago now, but we had planned for our first post-release showing of Backworlds to be with them at GDC 2020 – obviously this did not happen and due to cancelled events the IMB has been put into hibernation.

We shared this on social media at the time, but we would like to reiterate that we have loved the events they have organized, working with them when we have exhibited has been great every step of the way and the community remains a fantastic community even now. We hope it can return to its full glory at some point in the future.

Now, about Backworlds! While games-as-a-service is fashionable these days Backworlds was always intended as a finite experience. The upheaval of social life did throw a wrench in our plans and caused us to go silent earlier than we thought, but both this blog and our overall presence on social media was always going to taper out at some point.

That said, we have made a few fixes since the game was launched – fixes to smaller bugs and improvements to playing with a joypad, mostly. We are working on a few more improvements for people playing in different situations, some more resolution options and some support for haptics.

We also have some more material we wanted to write about – some development milestones we had planned to post around GDC and some topics about the internal functionality of Backworlds that people have been asking us about. When time allows we will post them here!

Finally, we want to express our thanks to everyone who played the game!

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