Season’s greetings

Winter is upon us, but before we check out for the year we’d like to give you a little more hard information about the game. This is subject to change as development goes on, but we feel reasonably comfortable with the scope at this point.

As shown in the demo, the gameplay of Backworlds consists mostly of solving logical puzzles. I use the word logical since our aim is that the only thing you need to progress is the knowledge the game itself gives you – we actively try to avoid challenges requiring fast reflexes or extrinsic knowledge (such as references to real-world clues).

Each level in the Backworlds demo contained one, two or three puzzle elements – in the full game we currently have somewhere between 100 and 150 such elements. As we work on visuals, rewards and progression we sometimes remove levels that do not work, and occasionally add levels where the leap in complexity becomes too big. With that in mind, the size of the game fluctuates and increases marginally over time.

Naturally, different people think differently and have different ways of determining when they are done with a game, so I will not go speculate in how many hours of gameplay this means. I will say, however, that one of our main principles is to not waste players’ time with functionally identical puzzles.

In closing, some of the work I am most proud of – parts of Backworlds included – have come from spending long winter nights writing obscure code. I never plan for it but I always end up doing some smaller project over the winter holidays, so for me this time of year have come to represent inspiration and passion. Happy holidays to our followers, and we hope you get to do things that are important to you!

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