Reporting in!

This weeks post is a short one, but we thought we would give you an update on a few things including progress on the game.

Indie Night

Backworlds station at Indie Night

I attended Nordic Game Conference to show off Backworlds at Indie Night which the game was nominated for. There was a lot of people playing it and the response was quite good. We had a new bonus level where we tried some new visual stuff and some new mechanics.

Congrats to Laza Knitez for winning the audience voting! Also, check out the remainder of the NGIN nominees if you have not done so already.

I had some time to watch a few talks during the conference and my favorite talk was this one by Petri Purho and Martin Jonasson: Juice it or loose it.


Some time back we finished prototype levels for all the worlds we have planned. The next step is for us to clean up the levels a bit (but still not adding graphics) and change the designs in response to feedback and playtests, then do focus testing with other people. We are excited to see how it will all work in a bigger context compared to our demo.

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