The picture is a screenshot from one of the levels we prepared for the Sense of Wonder Night – presentation. We experiment with new art themes on small levels from time to time – these are built on a few small ideas rather than the themes present in the full game. As such, it is unlikely that any levels will look just like this in the final product but we may use parts that we like.

As mentioned in the presentation, the central idea of the level is that time stands still in the backworld. I wanted to communicate this mechanic by having movement in frontworld and perfect stillness in backworld – without adding too much noise. Autonomous movement and the concept of time led to clockwork and a lot of images of steampunk cities – a bit too specific for our artstyle but I borrowed the basic ideas of interlocked gears and a color scheme built from leather and brass.

We have used natural colors and round shapes in our previous levels, to contrast this I wanted to use more sharp corners in this one – you can see it both in the shape of the level and on the edge decorations. In terms of the colors I used the usual method of having the colors gradually blend into the background on layers further back, but I also opted to have less smooth patterns and more vibrant colors in the foreground layer to make it stand out even more. This would probably not have occurred to me if Juha hadn’t pointed it out when he first saw the level.

I did not have a lot of time to work on this level – there is a lack of details compared to the other levels and some of the art is a bit too uniform compared to the rest. That being said, it gives a good sense of how a more mechanical style could look in comparison to our nature-inspired levels.

In closing, I would like to mention that our friends over at Might and Delight are releasing their new game Pid on Wednesday! It is really nice and you should check it out.

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