Presentational #2

Following up on the last blog post by Anders, I thought I would talk a bit about the art of the other Sense of Wonder Night level
we prepared. You can view the level in the video above, which is the same sequence we used for the presentation.

My goal with this art style was to experiment with something more futuristic compared to what we have done before, yet have it fit in with everything else.

For the line patterns I tried for something digital looking, with sharp edges and a “computer network” type of branching (as pictured to the right). I was fairly happy with those although it ended up being similar to what Anders did for his level so we might need to differentiate some more there.


For textures and coloring my initial inspiration was Minority Report, pulling mostly from my memory. I wanted to do something that looked somewhat sterile yet kept the grunge watercolor look, most of our previous styles have been quite warm and inviting in their tone. I think in the end it looks more like a freezer than something futuristic but I think there are elements in it that I can use for further revisions of this style.

“Futuristic freezer” was the direction I ended up going, so I added shafts and smoke billowing from them to add some movement. I also added the spinning discs mostly for the futuristic touch and the larger discs in the background to try giving a feeling that you are just inside a part of some bigger machinery.

The enemies have a different color scheme and also a particle system attached, both of these to make them stand out more. Anders pointed out that they were merging with the background too much when they were only a different shade of blue.

For the backworld I added some more of the lines as an overlay atop everything else. I was trying to convey some feeling of being “in the matrix”, but I think I will need to tweak and add a lot more of it for a good effect as you almost do not notice it at the moment.

To end things I just wanted to give you a short progress report. We are working on a new round of testing which will include a new world design as the biggest feature and we hope it will have positive results for the experience.

I also want to remind that you can send us an e-mail at or leave a comment if you have any questions about our development and we will answer the best we can.

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