I have posted a number of videos from the editor for Backworlds so I thought I would mix it up a bit by showing you how we create an art asset. There are a few basic things I do for every art asset I build, which you will see in the video:

  • I always draw sloppy base outlines and then fix them up. This is to add some chaos and asymmetry which I find fits the style.
  • Use paper as a base background everywhere. Even if it ends up being barely visible through the brushes.

We do have a set of brushes that we try to use and a general outline thickness, but other than that it’s just free-styling. For the asset in the video I knew I wanted some kind of futuristic “stargate”, then I just tried out whatever came to mind. Maybe this will end up in the game in some incarnation.

Music: Deus Ex – Ma Cherie Nicolette OC Remix by Alexander Brandon and Big Giant Circles

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