Happy New Year!



I meant to write this earlier but I’m always jetlagged this time of year so the plans kind of fell through until now. Rather than working on new exciting features over the holidays, I spent the last week of 2015 going over what had done. Some 300 levels, most of which  are reworks, empty tests or otherwise things unfit for release, but still a good amount of puzzles to work oneself through even if you know them. Luckily, there are other interesting things going on in the gaming world!

Awesome Games Done Quick is still ongoing, if only for a few more hours. There has been a lot of interesting runs during the week – I liked the reprise of Battleblock Theater and as a fan of punishing platform games I was fascinated by the Battle Kid 2 run. Also looking forward to the Super Metroid run tomorrow.

IGF 2016 finalists were announced,  I  was happy to see Undertale and Her Story among the nominees, but maybe more so by seeing so many lower-profile games among the nominees and honorable mentions. Or maybe I’m just losing my indie cred. Ah well.

Global Game Jam 2016 is coming up and my acquaintance Gorm wrote about the history it.  I have taken part in the Global Game Jam several years, but perhaps the most memorable one was at the central site in Copenhagen together with Juha and a few more friends just after we had finished the Backworld prototype. Gamejamming in general is a great way to do improve your craft in a number of areas, and I recommend GGJ in particular due to the legacy.

Happy 2016 everyone!

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