Happy New Year 2019!

Hello! Once again we were out traveling over the holidays so this post goes up a bit later than usual.

While we have been public with our development ever since we first came up with the idea for Backworlds, in 2018 we put a bit more effort into showing the game to the world – we prepared a trailer and a demo build and showed the game to hundreds of players at GamesCom, PAX, EGX and some more shows.

Development-wise, we have finalized some of the art in the game and done additional passes on everything remaining. In addition, with the help of the exceptionally talented David Housden and Chris Randle, we are getting close to finalizing all of the Backworlds audio.

Compared to previous years though, 2018 has been more about replacing old experimental systems with ones that are robust and performant so we can release the game with confidence – as I write this, I just finished a rewrite of the rendering and resource management to make the game portable and reduce load times while minimizing the memory footprint. It was one of the bigger projects I had undertaken since I started programming some 25 years ago, and in the process I had to rewrite some systems that predated even Backworlds. While refactoring and optimization can be a thankless task, it is fun to occasionally get a reminder of how you’ve grown in your craft.

2018 has been intense for Backworlds, we had planned on an early 2019 release and it’s sadly looking like we will miss that (unless you have a very generous definition of “early”), but we have a good idea of the work that’s left and should be able to detail our release plans in the not too far off future.

For those of us who have followed us, we wish you a happy 2019 and encourage you to watch this space as we enter the home stretch!

Also, check out our steam page if you haven’t already – maybe add Backworlds to your wishlist =)

Anders & Juha

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