Happy 2020!

Happy New Year! As usual, we are fashionably late due to traveling and other obligations. It’s been another busy year for Backworlds where we have been focusing on the tail end of production and preparing for finally getting it out the door.

We started 2019 off much in the same way as we ended 2018 – reworking large systems to be more stable, finalizing art and preparing demo builds – but most of 2019 we have been testing and rooting out issues.

Oversampling due to rotated or scaled textures lead to ringing on the cursor

In addition to hiring professional QA, we took to doing regular full playthroughs of the game in various ways and looking at the game in its entirety exposed some issues we had previously missed. We had some hard-to-detect problems like a buffer overflow potentially causing the sound to fail after a few hours of play, but also a lot of graphical glitches that we had not really paid attention to before. Most notably, we had some ringing artefacts and sorting problems that we made an effort to fix.

Controller support and input tutorials were a couple of our polish tasks this year

We had hoped to release Backworlds early in 2019, but as this became unrealistic we opted to take our time instead – while Miyamoto’s quote about a rushed game being bad forever is slightly less true in this age of patching and games as a service, Backworlds is in many ways a product of the time when we started working on it.

In other news, IGF 2020 nominees were just announced! Big congratulations to our friends at Nyamyam for the nomination for Astrologaster.

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