Greetings from Seattle!


Apologies for being late! Juha and I had both wanted to check out PAX at some point, so this year we decided to meet up in Seattle for PAX West. Hopefully we can be a part of the exhibit at some point in the future but for now we were more than happy to go to some panels and check out the games.

I enjoyed many things at the show – in particular, MattMakesGames’ reimagining of the jam game Celeste was really neat, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Behemoth’s Pit People was a really solid fast-paced take on turn-based combat that had all of their signature charm. I admire their choice to always tread new ground but at the same time it always makes me go into every game without expectations so I was really happy about it.

I think the highTaking this picture meant keeping someone else from playing for a few more seconds, so I had to be quick about it. point of the show for me was playing the long-awaited Owlboy though, as well as going to the presentation where the development team talked about their struggles with the more than eight year-long development cycle and announced the release date. I have been following Owlboy since the first images were released so it is great to see it finally come to life. Be sure to check it out on November 1st!


Juha was a fan of Secret Legend (aka the Fox Game),  I did not get a chance to play myself but it really looks gorgeous. We both really liked Dodge Roll’s Enter the Gungeon as well.

2_juhaAs for Backworlds, it was nice to be able to discuss things in person again – we do send each other long emails with updates several times a week but it’s not quite the same as meeting in person.

Right now, I’m reworking how game mechanics are stored to make it easier to make sweeping changes – since this came from a prototype, we essentially stored all of the attributes for each objects in every single level which made sense since we wanted to have the freedom to make small changes to unique objects in individual puzzles.

3_andersAs we’re in production, it becomes more important that behavior across all objects in the world is consistent, and I’m working on systems that better support that while saving some memory and hopefully not breaking existing levels.

Also, we’re preparing to get some more eyes on the last major world in the game soon, which should be very interesting

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