Greetings from Seattle

Hot on the heels of GamesCom, we spent the last couple of days in Seattle for the second half of PAX in the Indie Megabooth. In comparison, it was a bit more chill – two days instead of five, and eight-hour days instead of eleven – but it was still very busy!


This is our booth just after we set it up on Saturday night! IMB had a less homogeneous setup than Indie Arena and encouraged creative expression even in their minibooths, so we went with this leafy backdrop to go with the stuffed avatars and reflect the backgrounds of the part of the game we were showing.








This is a few hours later, when the show had opened – you can see our neighbors Duster, the Western Roguelike, and STAY – the unique narrative puzzle that also came directly from GamesCom. PAX is a more community – oriented show and we had a little bit more space for people to move around the booth, and more people stopped to talk about the games which was nice.






Here’s Juha slacking off and playing some Breath of the Wild behind our booth. It was always manned by at least one of us but we did take breaks to eat, check out the rest of the show or just to rest our feet for a bit. Standing around talking to people all day gets tiring! Luckily, Backworlds by its nature does not require a lot of explanation once you have started playing it.






Overall, PAX was pretty great – we made new acquaintances among the Indie Megabooth community, caught up with old friends and got to show the game to tons of new players. This concludes my own involvement in this fall’s tradeshow appearances, but Juha will be displaying Backworlds at EGX in about three weeks – we’ll be back then!

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