Greetings from Germany

Hello! I am writing this at the airport after showing Backworlds at the 10th annual GamesCom in Cologne. The last five days have been pretty long and intense, but here is something of a recap…


This is how our slice of the Indie Arena Booth looked like when we arrived! Juha had to scramble to get the design done in time, but we are pretty happy with how it turned out.







This is what the Indie Arena booth looked like most of the time when the show was open – it was very busy. In this picture you can also see some of our great neighbors Save Your Nuts, sU, TriFox and others.






One thing we noticed was that a lot of people played together with their friends or children, and split the responsibilities of painting and moving around between them. We had not really imagined Backworlds as a cooperative experience previously but this worked remarkably well and we’ll see how we can make a better experience for these players going forward. It is pretty great seeing people solve problems together!






Finally, here’s Juha about to enjoy some German cuisine (küche?) after a long week of GamesCom. Overall, it’s been a tiring but fun week, although not all of us made it;







This is the last known picture of the original, green avatar, taken shortly before landing at Charles de Gaulle airport and subsequently getting lost. If you see it roaming the streets of Paris, pet it for us =(

We’ll be back in about a week with a report from the Indie Megabooth at PAX West!