Heart burps to our contributors!

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to Backworlds on our IndieGoGo campaign. Even if we didn’t reach our goal, it means a lot to know that people like the demo enough to put up their hard earned money and support us. It is one of the reasons we will go on and make this game regardless.

But now that the time had ended for contributing, I thought I’d discuss the campaign and the implications:

First some numbers (all in US dollars); the campaign had a target of $20000 and ended at $706. We will need to pay Swedish sales tax as these technically are sales, the tax rate is at 25% which leaves us at $529.5. In addition IndieGoGo will be taking 9% (out of the original $706) since the campaign failed (otherwise they would be taking 4%) so then we are down at $466 (rounded).

Here’s a breakdown of the costs we will be putting this money into:

  • GitHub (version control software) @ $12 / month
  • E-conomic (online bookkeeping) @ $10 / month
  • Webhosting + Domain @ $141 / year

This is for a one and a half year of development time (explained below). We have a lot of other costs and more coming up, currently the option is to use our personal savings.

Our previous plan was that I would be working on Backworlds full-time if we got enough contributions on the campaign (Anders has been working on the game on his free time outside work as stated in the campaign). But since this didn’t happen I will be taking other jobs to support development, I have been working part-time since about a month but might need to go into full-time. This also means that our development time projection goes up so right now the estimate is at 18 months.

This brings us to the topic of funding alternatives. Anders employer was gracious enough to let him work on this on his spare time so during development we will not be working with a publisher to avoid a conflict of interest. This may change near release but we have no current plans.

Whether or not we find another way to fund the project, we want you to know that we will still make this game, somehow. It might just take a little longer.

Other fun facts:

  • We were once at exactly $666, Backworlds is a beast
  • The highest contribution was $66, two-thirds a beast

4 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    Good luck with this guys, I really hope you finish the game, stay positive!

  2. Juha Kangas says:

    Thank you Andy, means a lot!

  3. Martoon says:

    Could you guys still set up something for donations and pre-orders? I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to continue to support this beautiful project.

    Btw, the 25% sales tax rate in Sweden would drive me mad. It’s too bad the country has that kind of deterrent to progress.

  4. Juha Kangas says:

    Thanks for you comment!

    We have decided to start taking pre-orders a little later in the development process. But I’m thinking that perhaps we could sell t-shirts or something similar as a way of supporting the project, we will dicuss that a bit.

    I’m only speaking for myself (I don’t know Anders stance on this), but I don’t mind high taxes if it makes things better for society in the end. Anyway we might get some tax returns at the end of the year since we haven’t reached very high sums yet.

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