Editor Basics

We’ve made a video showing the basics of the editor for Backworlds. This is the same editor we will be releasing publicly later, although we will probably streamline and make a better UI for it.


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  1. Markus says:

    Looks nice, fancy tools for such a small part time team. Is there anywhere you can “preorder” (or similar) backworlds?

    • Juha Kangas says:

      Thanks for your comment, Anders makes nice tools indeed. =)

      Really appreciate that you want to support us…we did take pre-orders as part of a crowdfunding campaign but we don’t have anything up for that now.

      I suppose we should actually put up a PayPal-button for pre-ordering…if you’re interested you can e-mail at [info at backworlds dot com] and I can then let you know when we have something up and running. Or just keep a look-out here or on Twitter.

      • Juha Kangas says:

        We discussed a bit and we will be holding off on doing pre-orders until later…but you can support us anyway by checking out our blog posts and such which makes us happy =)

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