Dublin Comic Con 2017

We got a booth at Dublin Comic Con this year as part of Pulse College Indie Game showcase, so I went over with my girlfriend to get some people to try Backworlds. We brought the same part of the game as for State of Play, which was the tutorial and the first world but this time we had some art on the levels (we will do another post about that later)! It was a great weekend as we had people playing almost constantly and they were generally positive about the game.


I didn’t have much time to try anything else but I did go by and have a chat with the guys at Turtle Dream Games who I met previously at State of Play. They are showing a board-game with a nice premise called Dare To Dream which has absolutely great art and asymmetrical game-play, check out their kickstarter! I also played a bit of Silent Streets, an augmented reality victorian story game that I really enjoyed, especially the atmosphere. The game is available for free on iOS and Android if you want to give it a go.


We had cake! Thanks Melody!


Lots of cosplay as expected


Our booth


My childhood heroes

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