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Greetings from Boston!

As I type this we are just wrapping up PAX East in Boston – we spent Thursday and Friday looming over our Indie MEGABOOTH Minibooth and Saturday checking out the show itself. It has been a great but busy few days indeed!

Backworlds at IMB PAX East

Hello! I know, I know. It’s barely even been a week since our last blogpost! But we have some exciting news to share – Backworlds will be showcasing at PAX East on the 28th and 29th of March in Boston as a part if the Indie MEGABOOTH, specifically the minibooth section. We will have sections playable that we…
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Greetings from Birmingham

After attending Gamescom and PAX West we had a short break before EGX as our final tradeshow for this year. It was somewhere in between our Cologne and Seattle appearances – with 4 days it’s longer than the Minibooth showcase at PAX West but shorter than Gamescom with fewer hours per day and less crowded.…
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Greetings from Seattle

Hot on the heels of GamesCom, we spent the last couple of days in Seattle for the second half of PAX in the Indie Megabooth. In comparison, it was a bit more chill – two days instead of five, and eight-hour days instead of eleven – but it was still very busy!   This is…
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Greetings from Germany

Hello! I am writing this at the airport after showing Backworlds at the 10th annual GamesCom in Cologne. The last five days have been pretty long and intense, but here is something of a recap…

Appearances at Gamescom, PAX West, EGX

Hello! as alluded to in the previous post, this will be a busy fall for Backworlds – we are currently scheduled to appear at the following events: Gamescom – Indie Arena Booth – Cologne, Germany, August 21 – 25 PAX West – Indie Megabooth –  Seattle, U.S.A., September 2 – 3 EGX – Birmingham, U.K.,…
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NGF & BuzzWorkshop 2018

Last week we showcased Backworlds at Norwich Gaming Festival for two days. We brought some updated visuals and a new demo where we have tried to limit the scope so that visitors have a chance to finish it in one sitting. We learn something new about how to show our demo at every event and…
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Dublin Comic Con 2017

We got a booth at Dublin Comic Con this year as part of Pulse College Indie Game showcase, so I went over with my girlfriend to get some people to try Backworlds. We brought the same part of the game as for State of Play, which was the tutorial and the first world but this…
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State of Play

I went to State of Play in Dublin last week, bringing Backworlds with me to have some people give it a go. I brought one of the builds we recently sent out to some testers, which only has debug-graphics, because that’s what we had prepared. Then I showed off some prettier content to anyone that was interested. A…
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Sense of Wonder Night

On September 21st we presented Backworlds on Sense of Wonder Night during Tokyo Game Show 2012. You can view all the presentations at the SOWN Presentation site. Our presentation starts at 01:45:00 but make sure to watch the other presentations as well as there was some very interesting games there.