Creation and Communication

Being in the games industry for a few years will teach you that no two game productions are the same – even between different studios of mainstream games, work methods can be very different. Subsequent projects from a single studio might be even more so; as projects span several years new trends in design, project…
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Propeller Awards 2012 Nominations

Backworlds got nominated for three categories in the 2012 Independent Propeller Awards! Technical Excellence, Design and Art, we are super happy and honored!


Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to Backworlds on our IndieGoGo campaign. Even if we didn’t reach our goal, it means a lot to know that people like the demo enough to put up their hard earned money and support us. It is one of the reasons we will go on and make this game…
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Building Character

Hello! Anders here with some history of how the player avatar of Backworlds came to be what it is today. Without further ado, this was the protagonist of the prototype and Assemblee– entry Backworld; The art of Bastian, Kenneth and Pernille was one of the first inspirations for Backworld. In some instances the available art…
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The Beginning

Welcome to the first post on the development blog for the game Backworlds! It will be both me and Anders doing updates and the intention is to have a mix of writing, video and podcasts. This first post will be about how the concept for this game came to be.