Scripting with Lua

Today I will show you something from the game-play scripting for Backworlds. In other words, what we do (partly) to make stuff happen in the game. We use a scripting language called Lua which we write in external text files that are loaded into the game. The advantage of this is that we can write…
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Season’s greetings

Winter is upon us, but before we check out for the year we’d like to give you a little more hard information about the game. This is subject to change as development goes on, but we feel reasonably comfortable with the scope at this point.

Presentational #2

Following up on the last blog post by Anders, I thought I would talk a bit about the art of the other Sense of Wonder Night level we prepared. You can view the level in the video above, which is the same sequence we used for the presentation.


The picture is a screenshot from one of the levels we prepared for the Sense of Wonder Night – presentation. We experiment with new art themes on small levels from time to time – these are built on a few small ideas rather than the themes present in the full game. As such, it is…
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Sense of Wonder Night

On September 21st we presented Backworlds on Sense of Wonder Night during Tokyo Game Show 2012. You can view all the presentations at the SOWN Presentation site. Our presentation starts at 01:45:00 but make sure to watch the other presentations as well as there was some very interesting games there. 

Light and Color

A while back, in the editor basics video, Juha talked at some length about how we build levels by combining masks, patterns and color. We refer to these objects as HSVE objects after the color space, and today we are going to go over some of the reasoning and technology behind them.


A few weeks ago we started initial playtesting for a big bunch of new levels. So I am going to write a bit about how we go about with testing and how we use the observations gathered. First off, Ron Carmel at 2D Boy has a nice writeup about rules for playtesting that anyone interested…
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Programmer Art

  The above screenshot may look familiar to anyone who visited our station during Nordic Game Indie Night – Juha built this level especially for the event. In terms of visual quality, it looks similar to the demo levels although some of our new animation features make it more vibrant when in motion. While we…
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Reporting in!

This weeks post is a short one, but we thought we would give you an update on a few things including progress on the game.


As we covered briefly in our last post, a lot of the art in Backworlds is built up from masks with outline and filler channels. Pattern textures with varying colors making these masks a little more lively. Today, we have a few pictures of how some of these patterns were created, a somewhat more analog…
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