Backworlds out now!

We are very happy to announce that Backworlds is officially out and available to get on Steam! The modest puzzle-platformer we have worked on for the last few years is finally ready for the world and we hope to see people dismantle its puzzles and reveal its secrets.

Backworlds can be argued to have started back in 2009 – me and Juha were working at the same company and had had loose discussions about doing a small project together when the Assemblee competition started. This ended with us making the original prototype Backworld – which you can still download today!

Backworld prototype. Less color, more bunny NPCs.

We liked the idea and kept working on it – at the time, we thought we’d spend a year or so on it and then release it, but real life got in the way and both moved across the world in different directions. That was the first setback that probably would have been the end of Backworlds, but the idea of the puzzle game with the creative core proved resilient and survived as we struggled to find an art style, a narrative and finally reigning it in to make a complete game out of it.

Backworlds today – with color! and widescreen!

There are things in Backworlds that have stayed more or less the same since the first few experiments back in 2009, there are changes that came in hot just over the last few weeks and a constant stream of updates over every month in between. It has been a decade of rapid change for the games industry, and a decade that has left its mark on this game. We hope it is stronger for it, and we are happy that it is now its own statement in history rather than just taking impressions from it.

Regardless of what happens next, we will have a few more updates for you, so keep an eye out! and thank you for tagging along on the journey!

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