Backworlds for Nintendo Switch

Hello! We announced recently that with the help of our friends at Skymap Games, Backworlds is coming to the Nintendo Switch on the 20th of May!

Our Backworlds avatar cozying up to Tank-Mario at E3 2018

We are pretty excited about these news, Backworlds always felt like a natural fit for the Switch with Nintendo’s long history of quality platform games and the possibility of using the touchscreen to paint the world. What we did not anticipate was how much other features like Rumble would add to the game, or how well it would also work to paint using motion controls. In preparation for this release we tightened up the joypad controls across the board so playing it without any of the Switch’ unique features works just as well!

Again, Backworlds will be available on the Nintendo Switch on May 20th but you can preorder it on the Nintendo eShop today!

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