Author: Anders Ekermo

On exhibiting

Hello! Convention season is upon us. We currently do not have any appearances planned for Backworlds, but having been part of shows as an attendee, an exhibitor, staff and also part of the group evaluating what games get approved for inclusion and not, I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk a little bit about…
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Some Thoughts on Physics Edge-cases

Hello! Today I am going to talk about a few rather specific problems with our collision detection and response handling that we wrestled with for a long while.

Greetings from Boston!

As I type this we are just wrapping up PAX East in Boston – we spent Thursday and Friday looming over our Indie MEGABOOTH Minibooth and Saturday checking out the show itself. It has been a great but busy few days indeed!

Backworlds at IMB PAX East

Hello! I know, I know. It’s barely even been a week since our last blogpost! But we have some exciting news to share – Backworlds will be showcasing at PAX East on the 28th and 29th of March in Boston as a part if the Indie MEGABOOTH, specifically the minibooth section. We will have sections playable that we…
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Building Character, part 2

One of the first things we talked about on this blog was how the art of the Backworlds main character evolved – the character has looked more or less the same since then, but we have made a lot of subtle changes to how we render and animate it that I thought I’d go over…
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Happy New Year 2019!

Hello! Once again we were out traveling over the holidays so this post goes up a bit later than usual. While we have been public with our development ever since we first came up with the idea for Backworlds, in 2018 we put a bit more effort into showing the game to the world –…
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An Assortment of Small Spooky Updates

Halloween has come and gone again, so as have been our habit the last few years we will revisit the graveyard of buried ideas. Without saying too much, this will (hopefully) be the last time we do this so instead of focusing on just one mechanic, read on to learn about a few different designs…
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Greetings from Seattle

Hot on the heels of GamesCom, we spent the last couple of days in Seattle for the second half of PAX in the Indie Megabooth. In comparison, it was a bit more chill – two days instead of five, and eight-hour days instead of eleven – but it was still very busy!   This is…
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Greetings from Germany

Hello! I am writing this at the airport after showing Backworlds at the 10th annual GamesCom in Cologne. The last five days have been pretty long and intense, but here is something of a recap…

Appearances at Gamescom, PAX West, EGX

Hello! as alluded to in the previous post, this will be a busy fall for Backworlds – we are currently scheduled to appear at the following events: Gamescom – Indie Arena Booth – Cologne, Germany, August 21 – 25 PAX West – Indie Megabooth –  Seattle, U.S.A., September 2 – 3 EGX – Birmingham, U.K.,…
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