Author: Anders Ekermo

Backworlds for Nintendo Switch

Hello! We announced recently that with the help of our friends at Skymap Games, Backworlds is coming to the Nintendo Switch on the 20th of May! We are pretty excited about these news, Backworlds always felt like a natural fit for the Switch with Nintendo’s long history of quality platform games and the possibility of…
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Six months later

Hello again! It has been a while – we had originally planned to post more immediately following the release of Backworlds in February, but then the pandemic happened and everything was cancelled. With everything that has happened since – both in the world and for us personally – it has taken us a while to…
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Backworlds out now!

We are very happy to announce that Backworlds is officially out and available to get on Steam! The modest puzzle-platformer we have worked on for the last few years is finally ready for the world and we hope to see people dismantle its puzzles and reveal its secrets.

Happy 2020!

Happy New Year! As usual, we are fashionably late due to traveling and other obligations. It’s been another busy year for Backworlds where we have been focusing on the tail end of production and preparing for finally getting it out the door.

A Few More Spooky Updates

A year ago I wrote that we were probably not going to do any more of these but alas – circumstances conspired against us and I am left with no abandoned themes to write anything meaningful about. Instead, I want to make this post-Halloween brooding about some of the tech and the associated editors that…
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Some Thoughts on the World Editor

The Backworlds executable – at least the development version – contains most of the functionality we need to change the design in-place, and this has been how most of the day-to-day development has been done. While the level editor is layered on top of the game and more reminiscent of a cheat mode than an…
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On exhibiting

Hello! Convention season is upon us. We currently do not have any appearances planned for Backworlds, but having been part of shows as an attendee, an exhibitor, staff and also part of the group evaluating what games get approved for inclusion and not, I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk a little bit about…
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Some Thoughts on Physics Edge-cases

Hello! Today I am going to talk about a few rather specific problems with our collision detection and response handling that we wrestled with for a long while.

Greetings from Boston!

As I type this we are just wrapping up PAX East in Boston – we spent Thursday and Friday looming over our Indie MEGABOOTH Minibooth and Saturday checking out the show itself. It has been a great but busy few days indeed!

Backworlds at IMB PAX East

Hello! I know, I know. It’s barely even been a week since our last blogpost! But we have some exciting news to share – Backworlds will be showcasing at PAX East on the 28th and 29th of March in Boston as a part if the Indie MEGABOOTH, specifically the minibooth section. We will have sections playable that we…
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