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I have posted a number of videos from the editor for Backworlds so I thought I would mix it up a bit by showing you how we create an art asset. There are a few basic things I do for every art asset I build, which you will see in the video:

Game Objects; the Vector Field

Hello! after last month’s overview of some of our early graphical effects, I thought I would go into a bit more detail about one of them.

Art in Motion

I recorded a little video showing of some of the editor features Anders has added that we will use for bringing some life into the levels of Backworlds by adding motion in different ways. The video shows of a few of them and it is more a demonstration of the things we can do than…
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Regarding Style

Today I will talk about some of the steps we took to reach the current art style of Backworlds. While we still have a long way to go with the art and may decide to make further changes to the style, I will go over some of the reasoning behind what the game looks like…
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Broad Strokes

We are currently hard at work with the leveldesign (iteration, iteration…) and working out how the themes of the game tie into the narrative and aesthetics. Taking a break from that, today I thought I’d go over one of our effects. In the Backworlds demo, we spawn the player character into the level by gradually…
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The picture is a screenshot from one of the levels we prepared for the Sense of Wonder Night – presentation. We experiment with new art themes on small levels from time to time – these are built on a few small ideas rather than the themes present in the full game. As such, it is…
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As we covered briefly in our last post, a lot of the art in Backworlds is built up from masks with outline and filler channels. Pattern textures with varying colors making these masks a little more lively. Today, we have a few pictures of how some of these patterns were created, a somewhat more analog…
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Building Character

Hello! Anders here with some history of how the player avatar of Backworlds came to be what it is today. Without further ado, this was the protagonist of the prototype and Assemblee– entry Backworld; The art of Bastian, Kenneth and Pernille was one of the first inspirations for Backworld. In some instances the available art…
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