Regarding Style

Today I will talk about some of the steps we took to reach the current art style of Backworlds. While we still have a long way to go with the art and may decide to make further changes to the style, I will go over some of the reasoning behind what the game looks like…
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Under Pressure

I started running Backworlds on a Surface Pro recently in order to determine how much work it would be to port the game to tablets – rather than the porting itself, the big challenges are how we change the controls to feel good on a tablet. The Surface Pro is practically a laptop running Windows…
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Micro Design

In previous posts we have talked about certain design issues on a higher level. Such as the general world design or rules that our level design should apply. However I thought I would bring up a few examples of design issues that have come up during the development that are more specific and also explain…
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Broad Strokes

We are currently hard at work with the leveldesign (iteration, iteration…) and working out how the themes of the game tie into the narrative and aesthetics. Taking a break from that, today I thought I’d go over one of our effects. In the Backworlds demo, we spawn the player character into the level by gradually…
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I have recorded myself working with the editor to show you all how a level comes from simply being lines and boxes of physics into the water-color world of Backworlds. It is a time-lapse running at a brisk pace and should give you a good idea of the process. Note that I did not prepare…
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Big Brother is Watching #2

Last time, I covered briefly how our playback system works within the game client – strictly speaking this is everything we need, and in the beginning it was everything we used. It did require our testers to take an active part in sending us the playback files though, besides being unreliable it put higher demands…
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Big Brother is Watching #1

Put simply, playtesting is to design what QA is to engineering. It is not there so the testers can tell you what to do (although collecting feedback is a side benefit) but so that you can observe how your design and implementation performs with real data. Much has been said about how to do playtesting…
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Scripting with Lua

Today I will show you something from the game-play scripting for Backworlds. In other words, what we do (partly) to make stuff happen in the game. We use a scripting language called Lua which we write in external text files that are loaded into the game. The advantage of this is that we can write…
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Season’s greetings

Winter is upon us, but before we check out for the year we’d like to give you a little more hard information about the game. This is subject to change as development goes on, but we feel reasonably comfortable with the scope at this point.

Presentational #2

Following up on the last blog post by Anders, I thought I would talk a bit about the art of the other Sense of Wonder Night level we prepared. You can view the level in the video above, which is the same sequence we used for the presentation.